WiFi Smart Scale and Body Analyzer

Die intelligente 12-Skalen-Körperanalysewaage, mit der Sie die Kontrolle über Ihre Gesundheit übernehmen können. Überwachen Sie Ihr Gewicht, Ihren BMI und Ihre gesamte Körperzusammensetzung mit QardioBase X.

iOS and Android compatible.

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Edward Wickett
QardioArm is cat proof

I had to replace my regular blood pressure meter several times because they would stop working, and giving me error messages. I finally found out why. I walked into my room one day to find my cat chewing the rubber tube from machine to cuff. So the air was escaping from the tiny, invisible holes in the tube. So, I went in search of a replacement that would eliminate the problem.
QardioArm did it. No tubes, and accurate. I took mine with me to the doctor and checked my blood pressure right after the doctor used her equipment and it was very close. My doctor was satisfied that it was accurate. She even wrote down the name and said she would inform patients who had any problems with their tubing.

Henry Torres
You won't be sorry

I already have the blood pressure, body temp, Sp02 devices and love them with the Qardio app on my iPhone. So why not get real and try the QardioBase smart body composition scale. It works great, I love knowing my BMI, Body fat, water, muscle and on and on. These are important to know and check on a regular schedule. I can show my doctor or others involved in my health care. I make sure I eat right, take care of my body with exercise, etc. This makes me check on my health. The scale is amazing! Does so much, so look, listen and stay healthy!

Patricia J Adolph
Incentive to Healthy Body

Educational where your body stands in healthy perimeters and incentive to improve.

David Lucantoni
QardioBase X review

This is my third QardioBase over the last 15 years, and just as in previous versions, it works flawlessly

Moira Doherty

love my new scales. so stylish, accurate and my new tool for getting my health and weight on track.

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