WiFi Smart Scale and Body Analyzer

Die intelligente 12-Skalen-Körperanalysewaage, mit der Sie die Kontrolle über Ihre Gesundheit übernehmen können. Überwachen Sie Ihr Gewicht, Ihren BMI und Ihre gesamte Körperzusammensetzung mit QardioBase X.

iOS and Android compatible.

Customer Reviews

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Does not attach to 5g internet, which is what most people use nowadays. So needless to say, I can’t use the Bluetooth feature. The scale in my opinion is a waste of money if you can’t use it for what you bought it for.


Love my scale! One problem but it can be worked out. It does not wirelessly connect to the 5 ghz. You must have 2.4 ghz to connect automatically through your WiFi. But, you can manually press the button on your scale to connect the scale to your phone.


I love my new base it was so easy to set up and I just loved that. It gives me all kinds of measurements. I’m going to get it set up with my doctor so I can just send everything to him. This is one of the best buys I’ve ever made.


Works great. Love that it supports multiple users. A bit tricky to setup but works great once it’s done.


I love this scale even though there is a huge issue with it.

The surface is HUGE, it will easily accommodate a Big Foot, and the display is easily readable even with my nearsightedness.

The issue? You can’t export the collected data out of the app and into a spreadsheet. This is important to me to track my fitness progress.

If the app had that function I would, unreservedly, give the scale 5 stars.

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